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About GCA

GCA was founded in Hong Kong to enrich and promote the development of credit management, protect businesses against fraudulent debtors, improve the interchange of credit information, develop better credit practices and methods, and establish a code of ethics.

GCA Mission

To provide a neutral and open forum through which our members, business information users and creditors can make more efficent decisions

About GID

GID is a company's unique identifying code. Each code corresponds to a unique company, and the corresponding company can be quickly locked through the GID code. GID is uniformly assigned by the GCA organization, and all companies in the world have corresponding unique GID codes. The use of GID codes makes the business environment more transparent, and at the same time can better manage risks such as trade and finance and effectively reduce the occurrence of commercial fraud.

For general companies, there are other benefits of using GID:

1. To confirm the identity of the company. Through the unique GID, the corresponding company can be quickly found to avoid duplication of company information;

2. To confirm the relationship between companies. GID can clarify the ownership relationships between companies, which is conducive to risk management and analysis;

3. To improve management efficiency. It simplifies the process for the cooperation between enterprises, reduces the relevant steps to confirm the uniqueness of the cooperative company, and improves the management efficiency within the company.

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